Solution for Businesses

South African leaders in ridesharing software and innovation

FindaLift is the first South African provider of ridesharing software and services. Our business solutions help organisations, municipalities and other defined communities to set-up, implement and sustain their own private and fully automated journey-matching systems to encourage and enable ridesharing and more sustainable mobility. FindaLift offers ongoing support on maximizing the results of your programme and makes it easy to promote, monitor and report on ridesharing activities within your group.

Do you have?

  • Corporate social responsibility targets or sustainability initiatives?
  • Employee wellness programme?
  • Parking issues at your location?
  • Difficulties recruiting employees due to their inability to access your site?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions above or if you just want to benefit your people and profit, then launching a FindaLift rideshare programme is cost effective, straightforward and will bring immediate positive benefits.

No matter the size of your organisation, the FindaLift solution for business helps

  • Reduce travel costs for your people and parking issues
  • Cut greenhouse gasses and congestion
  • Report on estimated CO2, distance and monetary savings
  • Create a trusted and private environment for ridesharing
  • Monitor and report on group ridesharing activities
  • Meet your corporate social responsibility commitments
  • Benefit your people, organisation and wider community

FindaLift Facts

  • First local provider of ridesharing software and services
  • Level 4 (100% compliant) Code 000 BEE recognition level - download certificate
  • 30% female ownership
  • Established in 2008

We would be delighted to show you how the system and concept works in practice and speak to you about how we can help your organisation reduce carbon emissions, business travel, car parking problems and travel costs for employees.

Get in touch and learn more about the FindaLift solution