Carpool Week

Private vehicles remain the most common source of transport for individuals travelling to work with 32% of all South Africans. Most journeys occur with only 1 person in the vehicle, leaving millions of empty seats. We know many people travel the same direction at roughly the same time each day, how many of these journeys could perhaps be shared?

Is anyone going your way? Take 5 min and find out here

Carpool Week will raise awareness of the social and environmental benefits of carpooling, answer questions around safety and insurance, give tips on sharing best practice and learn from other's experiences. It will also provide South African's with an easy way to find other's to carpool with.

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  • 7 October: What's in it for me & is anyone going my way?
  • 8 October: Did you know: Interesting facts + figures
  • 9 October: Experiences: The Good, the Bad and the Funny
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  • 10 October: Overcoming the safety and insurance barriers
  • 11 October: Tips for Individuals and Business

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