Ride sharing has never been easier!

Matches you with others travelling your way so you can decide to share the journey and...

Save money on fuel and maintenance

Reduce your carbon footprint

Help cut traffic for faster journey times

Make new friends


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What other say about us?

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for a very useful site, registered this morning and had my lift organised 30 mins later!"
    Michael Wilson, Hout Bay
  • "Tien uit tien vir julle! Hou asseblief so aan! So spaar ons die omgewing en 'n geldjie vir onsself!"
    Daan, Strand
  • "I believe this value and unique service brings about an opportunity for all to incorporate flexibility in their lives"
    Charmaine Garcia, University of Stellenbosch Business School
  • "This is great news and a great initiative. Well done!"
    Barry Bredenkamp, Senior Manager, South African National Energy Development Institute
  • "I've seen sites like this in USA and Europe but not as simple and user friendly. You deserve an Oscar for this!"
    Dany de Pauw, Cape Town

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